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Foot Binding in Old China

This ca.1900 photo was made in a hotel in Shanghai.
Her mother is off camera acting as chaperon.
The girl did not want to expose her feet,
but the stereo-photographer offered her four silver dollars if she said OK.

A major purpose of foot Binding was done simply
to cater to several billion men's fantasies of having a wife with a tight vagina ...
supposedly brought about by her having to use her thigh muscles
in an extreme manner in order to walk and maintain balance in her maimed and crippled state.
Without the crippled feet to act as a supposed indicator of a tight vagina,
it was felt that a man would not want her for marriage.

"FOOT BINDING"  involved the  physical act of crushing almost all of the bones of both feet .
This act was carried on for many years without anesthesia and without respite.
I was done only to little girls -- literally billions of them over one thousand years of history.

The broken arch bones and dislocated heel (ripped apart from its ligaments and socket, all without anesthesia)
was for the purpose of (as much as possible) folding the foot in half.
This, of course, completely destroys the natural alignment of the leg-bone, ankle and heel
to the point where -- after the toes and arches are also destroyed ---
it no longer bears any resemblance to the human foot nature provided.

The procedure on the little girls usually started at the age of two years.
First a long piece of cloth was wound around their feet, and all the toes except the big toe were bent and broken under the sole.
Then their mothers placed a large stone on top to crush the arch which brought about screams of agony.
The binding process lasted for several years during which time the girls were unable to walk and lived in relentless and excruciating pain.
If a mother listened to pleas to remove the bindings the daughters would face a life of contempt, be an outcast,
and in later years blame rather than thank their mother.
 Chairman Mao outlawed foot binding after WWII.

Old ‘Ho Hang Lai’ (King of Beggars) and his Sons at Loong Wah, China

Chinese Dentistry, Canton


A Chain Gang in China - in the thoroughfare wearing a "Cangues" which record their crimes - Hon Chow

One of China's most terrible methods of death punishment -- Shanghai

Li Hung Chang's reminder to the lawless - five Pirate Heads hanging over the Wall at Honam

The Dying Field Where The Poor Come To Die

A beggar dying in the "Dying Ground," Peking

Region Executioner taking the head for exhibit as a warning, Canton.

Allies' stern government at Tientsin - Chinese criminals immediately after being shot - soldiers posting execution proclamation.

A Boxer Chief undergoing a most terrible death for his crimes.

How Li Hung Chang deals with the "Boxers" - Canton prison

Chinese belles under the influence of opium, Canton

One of the Modes of Punishment in China - A Boxer Prisoner, Peking

Chinese prisoner in the Cangue placarded with the record of his crime.

Feeding a prisoner in the Cangue

Criminal kneeling over his own grave -- Japanese Executioner beheading a condemned Chinese -- Tientsin

The man and the knife that finish criminals at Canton

Chinese justice -- prisoner kneeling on chains, thumbs supporting arms, Mukden Shenyang 1906


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