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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Sixty-One
Conflict in Manchuria - Russia and Japan 
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Gallery Sixty-One

Some of Boiled Water Machines which have preserved health of Japanese Troops.

Temporary Bridge built by Japanese over river at Teih Ling, Manchuria

Captured Russian gun at Teih Ling -- ready to transport.

The Main street of Moukden, west from the distant Drum Tower, Manchuria

The Old Bell Tower in the heart of Mukden, Manchuria

Doughty Japs hauling captured Russian gun, Teih Ling.

Soldier coolies unloading steamers at Dalny.

Unshipping stores for Japanese troops from the train at Teih Ling.

Chinese coolies excavating for Russian buildings, beside Trans Siberian Railway, Dalny, Manchuria

Lofty walls of Mukden -- famous capital of Manchuria, the object of Russia's ambition

The old Northwest Gate at Mukden, capital of Manchuria, the objective point of the Japanese advance.

Busy wharf at Dalny -- unloading supplies for Russian troops and loading Chinese exports, Manchuria.

Doorway for a great power -- entrance to one of Asia's best harbors -- Port Arthur, Manchuria

Looking south over docks to fortified heights when held by the Russians, Port Arthur, Manchuria

Russian armoured cruiser "Persifert," bristling with guns, in harbor of Port Arthur, Manchuria

Russian armoured cruiser "Persifert," bristling with guns, in harbor of Port Arthur, Manchuria

War-dogs of the far East -- Russian fighting ships in the fortified harbor of Port Arthur, Manchuria


A Trans-Siberian train at Mukden, Manchuria -- on the longest railroad in the world.

Supply stores at railway station, Mukden, Manchuria

A company of the Czar's Infantry in Manchuria

Bursting shells around Keekwan forts three miles away (Port Arthur at extreme right).


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