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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Sixty-Three
Manchuria and Northern China
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Gallery Sixty-Four

Bronze lion in the courtyard of the Lama Temple, Peking

Russian soldiers on the Battle-field, Manchuria

Looking down the Pei-ho River toward North Fort and Bay, from Northwest Fort, Taku

From Great Wall of China to Natures greater wall, Liao Hsi Mtns, Manchuria, near Shan-hai-kwan

China's old barrier against Tartar hordes -- Great Wall crossing the mountains, Shan-hai-kwan

Shan-hai-kwan, eastern end of China's Great Wall -- south from Liao Hai Mtns. to Pre-chi-li Gulfl.

Comforts of travel in Manchuria -- a train load of third class passengers on the Chinese Imperial Railway.

Lofty walls of Mukden, famous capital of Manchuria, the object of Russia's ambitions.

Signs of new civilization -- Chinese laborers building road near Dalny, Manchuria

Where China's Great Wall begins its 1,250 mile course -- from Shan-haio-kwan (N.) to Liao Hai Mountains.

Doughty Japs hauling captured Russian gun, Teih Ling, Manchuria

A stone soldier in the famous avenue of stone animals, North China.

A mile of Chinese Mule Carts waiting their turn.

A great stone camel -- famous avenue of strong animals, North China

Lofty walls surrounding Moukden on the South side, Manchuria

The great Dagova, a Buddhist shrine, Moukden, Manchuria.

A policeman in one of Moukden's streets, to regain truth, Manchuria

A Tea seller in the streets of Moukden, Manchuria

China's decaying defences -- old cannon on the Great Wall between China and Manchuria

Beautifully sculptured stone arch byo the tomb of an ancient Manchu Emperor, near Mukden, Manchuria

Li Hung Chang, China's greatest Viceroy and Diplomat (photographed in his Yamen Tientsin - Sept. 27, 1900)

Burro Train, Manchuria


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