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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Eighty-Seven
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Eighty-Seven

From British Concession (E.) to East Arsenal Plane occupied by Russians, July 19,1900 ~ Tientsin

Carriages destroyed by fire during the battle, Railway Station ~ Tientsin

From Mud Wall near West Arsenal to South Gate of Native City ~ Tientsin

Firing a Volley from Shelter of Bank -- Chinese Soldiers at Tien-Tsin

Train-load of 1st Bengal Lancers' Horses -- in open cars -- arrival at Station ~ Tientsin

The Empress Dowager's Counsellors in dealings with the Powers --
members of the Tsung-li Yamen, Peking ~ 1901

Chinese Troops saluting the Provincial Treasurer on return from Pekin
(boat just coming into view) Soo Chow ~ 1900

Missionary Refugees fleeing from the "Boxers" -- landing at Chefoo -- 1901

Prince Ching, Commander of City Guard --
secret friend of Legations during Siege -- now Peace Commissioner, Peking 1901

U.S. Cavalry honouring Count Waldersee on his arrival --
between Chien-men and Ta-ching-mien Gates, Peking ~ 1901

The Allies advancing -- mounting one of the terrible Lyddite Guns to bombard Tientsin - Boxer Rebellion 1901

Horrors of War -- dead Chinese floating in the Pei-ho River --
showing riddled buildings along French Bund, Tientsin. - 1901

From German Club (W. S. W.) over battlefield, during battle July 13, 1900 --
showing Mud Wars and West Arsenal, Tiensin


Some of China's trouble-makers -- "Boxer" Prisoners captured and
brought in by the 6th U. S. Cavalry -- Tienstsin ~ 1901

The Palace Through the Pines, Forbidden City, Peking ~ 1901

Defenses on the Wall From Which the Boxers Fired on the J. S. Legation, Peking

Seiks bombarding Chinese position with 12-lb English Naval Gun --
Arsenal in distance already taken -- Battle of Tientsin

Burning of Tongku -- U.S.S. "Monocacy" at landing with hole through bow made by Chinese Shell ~ 1901

The Sixth U. S. Cavalry -- now fighting in China to save the lives of American Citizens ~ Boxer Rebellion ~ 1901

Children of native Christians, who are hated and persecuted by the fanatical heathen -- Boxers ~ 1900

Missionary refugees fleeing from the "Boxers" -- landing at Chefoo.

Chefoo, one of China's important Sea-ports -- from Signal Tower looking east.

Among the Fighting Boxers, Tien Tsin.

French Soldiers in Camp near Round House Tien-Tsin.

 US Minister Conger leaving Legation in his Official Chair --
always used on official calls -- Boxer Rebellion, Peking. ~ 1901



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