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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Ninety-Three
Japanese Troops
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Ninety-Three

Japanese soldier cooks boiling rice for the men storming Port Arthur -- near Hoozan Hill, Manchuria ~ 1904

Russian soup-wagon captured at famous Nanshan --
Commissary of Japanese Army before Port Arthur, Manchuria ~ 1904

Camp of the famous 9th Division -- under sheltering hills, close to fighting line -- Port Arthur

Enormous 11-inch shell from Japanese siege gun, beginning its deadly flight into Port Arthur ~ 1905

Advancing across an open field -- Japan's sturdy soldiers at Port Arthur ~ 1904

Japanese transporting ammunition on the Russian railway -- four miles above Port Arthur.

Japanese Soldier Cooks -- boiling rice in the camp of the besieging Army -- near Port Arthur.

Japanese batteries firing on the Russian forts -- Siege of Port Arthur ~ 1905.

Japanese War Balloon in the rear of the besieging Army -- Port Arthur

Waiting for General Nogi's orders to advance -- Japanese in a camp within range of guns of Port Arthur.

Laborious advance on Port Arthur -- Russian Gun captured on summit of Taikozan, now used by Japanese.

Waiting for General Nogi's orders to advance -- Japanese in a camp within range of guns of Port Arthur.

Ready for defense or advance -- Japanese fighters in Port Arthur ~ 1905.

Hundreds of Japanese dragging a massive 11in. siege gun six miles to its emplacement -- Port Arthur ~ 1905

Japanese soldiers cooking rice close to the fighting lines -- siege of Port Arthur.

Gallant survivors of the battle where thousands were killed -- Japanese Field Hospital near Port Arthur. ~ 1904

At foot of Taikozan Fort, on slope up which Japanese charged to its capture -- (N.W.) Port Arthur, Manchuria.

Foreign correspondents with the Japanese preparing winter quarters, in ravine under Ho-oshan, Port Arthur.

Japanese forming lines for a charge on one of the fortified hills -- Port Arthur.

Reserves held ready for a fierce assault on forts near Namakoyama -- siege of Port Arthur

From Itsushan north over Japanese camp -- and village of Hukiatun -- siege of Port Arthur

General Baron Nogi and officers of the famous Japanese Army which captured Port Arthur.

General Baron Nogi and Staff at lunch, Third Imperial Japanese Army headquarters before Port Arthur


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