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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Ninety-Four
Japanese Troops
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Ninety-Four

West from Japanese outlook on Hoozan Hill over Third Army Camp -- near the guns firing on Port Arthur.

Batteries of Japanese siege guns whose 11-in shells Gen. Soessel said nothing could stop -- before Port Arthur.

Arrival of huge 11-in. Japanese siege guns which destroyed Port Arthur -- derrick for unloading.

Japanese sheltered under walls of dynamited North Fort -- part still occupied by Russians -- Port Arthur.

Loading a monster Japanese gun with its death-dealing 500-lb. shell -- bombardment of Port Arthur.

Great Japanese siege guns firing over the hills into Port Arthur ~ 1905

A Trench where 4000 Japanese and Russians died during nine consecutive assaults -- Nanshan Hill, Manchuria.

Lunch with General Nogi at Japanese headquarters -- 6 in. Russian shell on table -- Port Arthur, Manchuria

General Oshima, commander 9th Division, Third Japanese Army, in camp in siege lines, near Port Arthur.

Band playing Japanese National hymn near General Baron Nogi's headquarters, before Port Arthur.

Japanese officer instructing his men how to scale the walls of the deadly forts, Port Arthur

Japanese war balloon reconnoitering the Russian position at Port Arthur (looking north).

Going home after the war -- horses and men on a transport leaving Dalny for Japan.

A modern War balloon in use by the Third Japanese Army, in a cornfield near Port Arthur.

Japanese sailors getting their naval gun into position -- siege of Port Arthur.

Close to the enemy -- in Japanese "siege parallel" within 200 yards of Russian fort - Port Arthur.

The battleship's fatal foe -- Russian submarine mines taken by Japanese from waters around Dalny, Manchuria

A camp of the Third Japanese Army in the Siege Line -- looking N.W. to Hoozan Hill -- near Port Arthur.

Great guns ready to take over the hills to their emplacements in Japanese siege lines -- Port Arthur

Keeping below the dead line -- in Japanese trenches near the Russian forts, Port Arthur.

Japanese troops advancing into position -- on the investment line -- Siege of Port Arthur.

Professor Ricalton - war photographer - with Japanese officers of 9th Division, at foot of Taushan, Port Arthur.

Japanese winter camp near investment lines -- siege of Port Arthur.

Wounded Japanese after a desperate charge on the Russian stronghold -- Field Hospital near Port Arthur.

Raw Recruit with His Baggage ~ 1905

Waiting for Room in the Hospital at Dalny ~ 1905

Japanese soldiers overlooking the town and harbor captured by their heroism, Port Arthur.

Japanese Soldiers among the Ruins of Hai-Quan-See Arsenal, Tien-Tsin.


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