Saturday June 30, 2012

Intro and Extro for Bill and Sue-On Hillman's "Sail On 747"
Back to music and back to our Canada Day Special.
It gives me great pleasure and delight to be playing this next track. If there's ever going to be a Manitoba Music Hall of Fame -- and I'll probably be long dead by then because there is no momentum. Everyone loves the idea but no one seems to be ale to take it further than just an idea. But if there ever is one these two for sure will be charter members in there -- they are legends in Western Manitoba and legends throughout Manitoba -- they've been touring, I don't want to say how long because I don't want to embarrass them with any dates. But I love this song, it's a great, great song and should have been a big hit. They wrote this song after touring the UK -- man, they toured the UK -- how cool is that -- and they did recordings in the UK -- pretty cool. It's about wanting to come back to Canada.
This is Bill and Sue-On Hillman -- our buddies from out in Brandon -- in the big BR -- and this is a great song called Sail On 747:

You've gotta love that song -- great tune. Bill and Sue-On Hillman from Brandon, MB and Sail On 747. I think that should be re-released. Great tune.

Featured on 
Hillman Album No. 9
On Stage in England
Compilation CD: Vol. 10: 24 ORIGINAL SONGS 
Written, Arranged and Produced by Bill Hillman (SOCAN) 
SAIL ON 747 
(Words and Music by Bill Hillman) 

Sail on mighty 747 Sail on, sail on 
Sail away to Manitoba sunshine (Repeat) 
Bobbin' around - city to town England shore to shore 
Boogie Woogie Rock - Tutti Frutti Bop 
They always shout for more 

But there comes a time for home fires 
Prairie skies and nights 
Wheatfields far horizons 
Far off farmhouse lights 

Newcastle Brown Ale - North Sea gales 
Wee cars and Geordie cowboys 
Football - Housie - Telly and sweet tea 
Blackpool's grown-up toys

Playlist for My Generation
Saturday June 30, 2012

Artist                    Title                     Album
Set #1
The Who                   My Generation             Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy
Burton Cummings           Your Back Yard            Burton Cummings
Neil Young                Walk On                   On The Beach
The Crewcuts              Sh'Boom                   Made In Canada
The Sparrow               Green Bottle Lover        The Best of John Kay &the Sparrow
The Ugly Ducklings        Just In Case You Wonder   Somewhere Outside
The Canadian Sweethearts  Eeenie Meeny Miney Moe    The Canadian Sweethearts
Witness Inc               Jezebel                   original 45
Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck         Times Are Changing        original 45

Set #2
Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers        Does your Mother Know About me    Made In Canada
Three's A Crowd           Coat Of Colours           Christopher's Movie Matinee

The Guess Who             Last Train To  Clarksville            private recording
Bush                      Got To Leave The City     Bush
Bill & Sue-On Hillman     Sail On 747               private recording    (Hillman Album 9 - On Stage in England)
Downchild Blues Band      Keeping Her 88s Straight  Best of
Clay Tyson                I Will                    Kick It Down

Set #3
MacLean & MacLean         Dolly Parton's Tits       The Dirty Thirty
Hart Rouge                Helpless                  Blue Blue Windows
The Great Scots           What Am I To Do           The Great Scots
Barry Allen               A Wednesday In Your Garden     Barry Allen
BTO                       Blue Collar               private recording
Major Hoople's Boarding House       Someone                   original 45

Set #4
The Jury                  I Tried To Tell Her       Buried Treasures
The Staccatos             Do You Mind               original 45
The Trials of Jayson Hoover       Kingsize                  original 45
Skylark                   What Would I Do Without You       Skylark
Scrubbaloe Caine          Travelin'                 Round One
The Wyrd Sisters          Back Into Your Arms       Sin & Other Salvations
Expedition to Earth       Time Time Time            The Best of Franklin  Records
Neil Young & Randy Bachman         Spring Is Nearly Here     Twang! 

David Michael Perich HILLMANS ROCK!
John Einarson
Bill Hillman and Sue-On Hillman, you guys out there?
Georgia Moon Have this cranked in my ear...awesome!
Claire Guenther Great one!
Bill Hillman Aww. . . that cheered things up a bit John Einarson. Checked out of ER with a handful of painkillers in time to catch your show. Squirming to the music while waiting for a kidney stone to pass through the waterworks. : )
Claire Guenther Get better Bill!
David Michael Perich my condolences,Bill, those things can be NASTY!
Georgia Moon Something in the water at Kelvin...
Henry Kreindler All the best, Bill . Get better, fast !!
Sue-On Hillman OH MY! Thanks John! Making Bill feel 99% better after the horrendously painful last 2 days passing a 6mm x 4mm kidney stone. His turn at "labour"...LOL!
Henry Kreindler Yikes !!
John Einarson Yikes Bill Hillman. Hang in there buddy.
John Einarson We're really flying on the show today!
David Michael Perich They say it's worse then child-birth pain
Sue-On Hillman - David Michael Perich: ONLY a MAN would n say that!
Claire Guenther Puts a new meaning getting stoned. LOL
David Michael Perich ?@ Sue-On Hillman....heard that from a WOMAN actually....:)
Henry Kreindler - Claire LMAO
Sue-On Hillman Even tho' electronic instruments produce damn close authentic acoustic sounds, there ain't nuthin' like the feel the real accoustics produce...
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