"When children's children shall talk of war as a madness that may not be;
When we thank Our God for our grief today, and blazon from sea to sea.
In the Name of the Dead the Banner of Peace - That will be Victory."
                                                ~ Robert Service

Wolfe Nottelman
Wolfe F. Nottelman
75 Sheldrake Blvd
Toronto, Ont.

Dear Louise,-
I hardly know just how to answer your letter, for I believe next to you and our family Bill was very close to me; in fact I've always considered Bill just like a brother of my own. He and I have corresponded ever since he left to go overseas and I have carried a snap of him in my wallet that he sent me from England. You know I have called him my brother when showing his picture to my friends. No Louise, I can't quite believe that he's gone and have read your letter at least a dozen times in the last two days to try and convince myself that our brother is truly gone. I know exactly how hard it's hit you and your folks and believe me I wish it were possible to see your folks all again, just to spend a day with you. However, Louise try your utmost to take the "bull by the horns" and help your mother along, its being the worst trial she could have to face.

As for myself, I have very little to tell you of any interest. I am back on "civy street," having been put on the Air Force Reserve after graduating. I don't expect to be called up for the Pacific for they claim they have enough aircrew without us. I am now working as a labratory technician doing experimental work on radar equipment for the Pacific campaign. I don't know why yet, but they picked on me to make a movie in Hollywood and am now waiting for the final contract to be signed. I have been doing a little work along that line here and am enclosing a newspaper snap that was on the front page of the Globe & Mail of the V-E-Day Issue to symbolize victory in Europe or something; at any rate it's all screwey but it means pretty fair money and that's what counts.

My kid brother Hans arrived in Canada last Friday; I haven't seen him as yet for he had to go right through to Winnipeg but he's coming down here in a little while.

I'll have to close for now, so believe me I feel it one of my greatest losses to not see dear Bill again... and give your folks my deepest regrets. Write soon.


Wolfe Nottelman
Strathclair, Manitoba

The Globe and Mail published this iconic photograph of
a serviceman battered and bloodied by war yet still heroic
under a huge banner headline which read,
'This is Victory', on its front page, Tuesday, May 8, 1945,
to mark the Allies' victory in Europe during the closing days of World War II.

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