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Part I: Rock 'n' Roll Bands
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The identity of the band above remained a mystery for years 
since number of local guys played the gig.
During the 50th anniversary of the Velvet Dip, the owners falsely claimed that the
singer featured in the photo was Burton Cummings and along with the Deverons in 1965 
shortly before Cummings joined the Guess Who.
This has been disputed by all the musicians of that era -- including myself --
and by anyone else who ever saw and knew the band --
but the Dip got a lot of Web and press publicity out of it :)

Norm Gamble of Brandon has contacted me to ID the guys:
"It was locals called The Cavaliers
L-R: John Menzies (bass) ~ Ken Smith (lead) ~ Russ Shellard (vocals) ~ 
Wayne Robins (I think)(rhythm) ~ Norm Gamble (me)(keyboard) ~ 
Drummer would have been either Scott MacDonald or Peter Milliken
We didn't stay together for long but that was definitely us on that roof. 
We were so famous that no one recognized us in this picture" ~ Norm Gamble

Among the other photos are Bobby Curtola and the Martells.
I toured with Bobby as lead guitar player in the mid-'60s 
but had never crossed paths with the band personnel in these pics.
There are many more Bobby photos at:

Before we add captions to these historic photos 
we would appreciate ID suggestions as to dates, places, bands, musicians.

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