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I've been a lifelong fan of Roy Rogers - "King of the Cowboys." The first movies I remember seeing -- back in the late '40s -- were Tarzan, jungle serials, Charlie Chaplin. . . and Roy Rogers. I had quite a collection of RR memorabilia: comics, movie stills, spurs, records, radio & TV shows, etc. Much later, when I was sorta grown up, I taped most of Roy's movies off the now defunct Nashville Channel which we picked up in Canada via satellite. These were special showings because they were hosted by Roy and Dale who shared many inside stories about the making of the flicks. 

Sometime before this in the '70s Sue-On and I had visited the Rogers Museum at its original location in Apple Valley, CA. Later, when it moved to Victorsville, we paid it another visit while travelling from LA to Vegas. Then, in 2008, the highlight of our first trip to Branson, MO, was a visit to the latest reincarnation of the Roy Rogers Museum. 

Luckily we took many photos during this visit because not long after the museum closed its doors forever. We proudly share these photos in the following Webpages, realizing that there are millions of people worldwide who were profoundly influenced by western heroes in their youth and who will never have the chance of seeing the thousands of Roy Rogers artifacts that were so well displayed in this fine museum.

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A letter from Roy Rogers, Jr.:

I have been personally agonizing over how to start this letter. I guess by saying thank you. Thank you for the years of love, support, prayer, loyalty to the Rogers Family. You, the fans, and our Board of Directors are the ones who have kept our family museum going for over 42 years. It has been a wonderful ride. After millions of visitors and countless stories of what Roy and Dale have meant to you, the Board of Directors have voted to close the museum at the end of 2009. This has not been an easy decision. Various emotional and financial issues have been addressed by all of us, as you might imagine.

The decision to close the Museum has come after two years of steady visitors to the Museum. A lot of factors have made our decision for us. The economy for one, people are just not traveling as much. Dad’s fans are getting older , and concerned about their retirement funds. Everyone is concerned about their future in this present economy. Second, with our high fiscal obligations we cannot continue to accumulate debt to keep the doors open. This is not what I would wanted to happen. Dad always said “If the museum is costing you money, then liquidate everything and move on.” Myself and the family have tried to hold together the Museum and collection for over 15 years, so it is very difficult to think that it will be gone soon.

What will happen to Roy Rogers, Jr. and his family? For those of you who have heard that I am retiring, nothing could be farther from the truth. My company, Golden Stallion, and its show tribute to Roy and Dale, will continue. I plan on taking the show to another venue in Branson. We are looking for space now. The show will also be available to travel around the country and take the message of Roy and Dale wherever we travel. I feel that this country needs the message that Roy and Dale always put forth, not only in their professional lives, but in their private lives as well.

The Museum’s last day of operation will be December 12th. We want everyone to have the opportunity to visit the Museum one last time to see the collection in its entirety. This will be your last chance to see Roy and Dale’s collection. Tell your friends and encourage them to come, before we close. This will be your final chance!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Remember, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans will live forever in our hearts and minds, and will continue to ride across the silver screen through their movies. Every time you think of Roy and Dale, that warm feeling you have always felt, will always return.

Watch our website for future announcements and special dates.

I leave you all with Dad’s favorite saying. “Good bye, Good luck, and may the good Lord take a likin’ to ya!” See you in Branson, or on the road.

Love to all of you!
Happy Trails.
Dusty and Family

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