Da-rup, da-rup, da-rup, da)
Dum dum, a-diddly dum, oh, oo-ho
Dum dum, a-diddly dum, oh, yeah
Dum dum, a-diddly dum

The music's sweet, the lights are low
The playing a song on the radio
Your Ma's in the kitchen, your Pa's next door
I wanna love you just a little bit more

Singin' ,dum dum, a-diddly dum, ah, hah
Dum dum, a-diddly dum
Sing it out, dum dum, a-diddly dum

Come on, baby, don't you be so shy
You know that I love you, let me tell you why
You've got a heart, I know that it's true
I couldn't love you any more than I do

Aaah, I want you with me all of the time
Tell me you love me and you'll be mine
There's so many things that we could do
So say the words and make my dreams come true