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A                                F#m                        D                    A
There's a young man that I know whose age is twenty-one
C#m                                                D
Comes from down in southern Colorado
A                            F#m        D                    A
Just out of the service, he's lookin' for his fun
                Bm                E                        A
Someday soon, goin' with him someday soon

My parents can not stand him 'cause he rides the rodeo
My father says that he will leave me cryin'
I would follow him right down the roughest road I know
Someday soon, goin' with him someday soon

            E                                              D                                    A
But when he comes to call, my pa ain't got a good word to say
F#m                                                D                    E
Guess it's 'cause he's just as wild in his younger days

So blow, you old Blue Norther, blow my love to me
He's ridin' in tonight from California
He loves his damned old rodeo as much as he loves me
Someday soon, goin' with him someday soon