Williams | Clapton | Clapton 2
I left Oklahoma drivin' in a Pontiac
Just about to lose my mind
I was goin' on to Arizona,
maybe on to California
Where all the people live so fine
My baby said I was crazy,
my momma called me lazy
I was goin' to show 'em all this time
'Cause you know I ain't no fool an'
I don't need no more schoolin'
I was born to just walk the line

Livin' on Tulsa time
Livin' on Tulsa time
Well you know I've been through it
When I set my watch back to it
Livin' on Tulsa time

Well there I was in Hollywood
wishin' I was doin' good
Talkin' on the telephone line
But they don't need me in the movies
and nobody sings my songs
Guess I'm just wastin' time
Well then I got to thinkin',
man I'm really sinkin'
And I really had a flash this time
I had no business leavin' and
nobody would be grievin'
If I went on back to Tulsa time