Words and Music by Bill Hillman ~ Album No. 5 | CD12
Vocals by Bill and Sue-On
All the girls in Vegas town
They ain't got nothin' on -- you
They can't cuddle, they can't huddle
Or put things in a muddle -- like you

You love me all to bits
Scare me out of my wits -- oo oooo
You got style, you got class
And I wanna make it last -- with you

You're a little bit o' Frankenstein
A whole lotta Einstein -- but mine
You're a little bit behind times
A little like a fine wine -- but mine

You got my head a-reelin'
You got me always feelin' -- fine
You're acting funny with my money
But you'll always be a honey -- of mine

You're an anti-Mister Nader
You're a chronic music hater -- but you're mine
Never early, always later
A mean old alligator -- but you're mine

You haunt rundown theatres
You always burn the taters -- in time
So we go out to dinner
You're not getting any thinner -- but you're mine