CATFISH BONES (Bin Long Time Gone)
Words and Music by Bill Hillman ~ Album No. 5 |
Vocals by Bill & Sue-On
Jailer Jimmy John you better get your britches on
Catfish Bones bin here and gone
Jump, run, shout ~ you better get the hitches out
Sheriff and Judge 'bout ta run you out

Catfish Bones bin long time free
Hide, crawl, sneak through my turnip greens
Sheriff and Boss they want him for who bought him
And they shot him and they caught him in the bottom land

But Catfish Bones
Now he's gone
Catfish Bones
Watch him run

Betrayed him and they trade him to a man that hate
Ole Bones can't live alone without his mate
Ole Bones done gone like a turkey through the corn
Watch him walk on muddy water like there he born