Words and Music by Bill Hillman ~ Album No. 5 | CD 12
Vocals by Sue-On
The prison train leaves Chattanooga come the mornin'
He'll say goodbye to Tennessee - Sweet Memories
They're taking all I have to live for come the mornin'
O Lord how I wish he were free

Trees will whisper to the wind -- "Willie I love you"
Drifting clouds will take my message to his ears
He'll hear every sound of nature say -- "I love you"
Summer breezes will dry away my tears

But I'll find a way
I'll find a way
I'll find a way
To get back to his arms

He shot a man who had no right to come between us
Should have run before they locked him in a cell
If I could walk through prison walls, I'd be there with him
O Lord help me bear this living Hell